Hpysparrow & Elefante

So, ive been working on a cute little elephant designed by Susan B. Anderson heres a link to anyone whos interested.


For me it was not very hard a all, once I got use to the increase rounds everything was great! Heres mine in progress:

Elefante in pieces 🙂


Ok, obviously no stripes but I think I like it better that way! Oh yah, I noticed I have a green thing going on lately…dont know why but its kind of cool!


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I consider myself a crafty/artsy individual with a particular curiosity in knitting, sketching, and graphic design. I like listening to music and praying while I knit. I enjoy sketching people, animals, and plants. Most of all, I dedicate my life to God and strive to live a life that is a reflection of Christ Jesus. Iriss- View all posts by hpysparrow

2 responses to “Hpysparrow & Elefante

  • mickey

    haha you have been knitting a lot of green things lately! that’s funny! anyway, i love how your elephant is turning out! and i love that you’re using a slightly variegated yarn for him! super cute!!!

  • merp

    That’s going to be so cute! The first picture is kind of a puzzle: what are all those bits and pieces? Disassembled elephant, of course.

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