Monthly Archives: March 2008

Hpysparrow & Elefante

So, ive been working on a cute little elephant designed by Susan B. Anderson heres a link to anyone whos interested.

For me it was not very hard a all, once I got use to the increase rounds everything was great! Heres mine in progress:

Elefante in pieces ūüôā


Ok,¬†obviously¬†no¬†stripes¬†but¬†I¬†think¬†I¬†like¬†it¬†better¬†that¬†way!¬†Oh yah, I noticed I have a green thing going on lately…dont know why but its kind of cool!


“Grandmother Owl’s Really Good Booties”

Hello¬†Sandra!!!¬†So,¬†I¬†started¬†you¬†baby’s¬†booties¬†about¬†1¬†week¬†ago¬†and this is as far as ive gotten! Yah, im a bit slow this time around but I shall finish!!! So, here a few pixs of the yarn… Enjoy!
Starting bootiesstarting booties