Fat Mermaid Tam :D

Ok I finish something! A free pattern called Mermaid Slouchy Tam. Heres the link at Craftster!


FO’s lalala! FO’s lalala! :D

Yaaaa! All Done!

Also, I am aware that the my version of elefante

has quite a huge head and is attached at a different angle.

I decided that I don’t mind that 😀

I think it tured out extra cute and also the my student helper

who is in the 5th grade likes it!

Horray! Horray!

I know her birthdays comming up, so Happy Birthday

Super Card Helper gurl! And thank you so much

for all your help!

Heeey, whats that?

Could it be? A completed Pair of baby booties!

Woo Hoo!

I would have loved to get a pix of them on the the baby but

this will have to do. I think Sandra really likes them

and Im glad I could finally finish them for her and her baby.

One thing I would do differently,

I-cord for the draw string. I crochet it but I feel I-cord would flow with the look

of the bootie even better.

What next?

What next?

Spring Fling from Knitty!

Right now i’ve just completed the arm hole shaping.

Im using Knit Picks Shine Worsted

Its so soft! Great price! Super for summer!

Oh yah! the color im using is called Reef pixs soon!


from Iriss.

Getting in the rhythm-

Yes, It was a peaceful Wednesday afternoon and I decided to conquer the booties I had started for my co-worker new baby. I completed one bootie 🙂

You see,

It hit me all at once; at the speed I was knitting, the baby would be a toddler by the time I was complete. I decided to have it finished by Monday morning. Yes, a deadline, target, a goal!

I have to say, it’s not so bad. Plus I noticed, as my knitting skills improve I can pray consistently and in rhythm with the motion without having to stop to ponder so many knitting inaccuracys

Take a look:

Baby Bootie

I really hope Sandra likes them and also that they fit well 🙂

I love how this one turned out !

Until next time…farewell.

Hpysparrow & Elefante

So, ive been working on a cute little elephant designed by Susan B. Anderson heres a link to anyone whos interested.


For me it was not very hard a all, once I got use to the increase rounds everything was great! Heres mine in progress:

Elefante in pieces 🙂


Ok, obviously no stripes but I think I like it better that way! Oh yah, I noticed I have a green thing going on lately…dont know why but its kind of cool!

“Grandmother Owl’s Really Good Booties”

Hello Sandra!!! So, I started you baby’s booties about 1 week ago and this is as far as ive gotten! Yah, im a bit slow this time around but I shall finish!!! So, here a few pixs of the yarn… Enjoy!
See you at work! 🙂
Starting bootiesstarting booties

Horray for Ravelry!!!

So, it seems as if ive been waiting for ever!  I just checked to see how far away I was to getting an acount…. I find this – Your invitation was sent on February 18, 2008. We just sent you a new copy of the email (from invitations@ravelry.com) in case it was lost or eaten by a spam filter. What in the world!? How did I miss my invite!! Oh well, the importaint thing is that I finally got one and im sooooo happy 😀 Ravelry

Hello world!

Woo Hoo ! Ok, Thanks to “Mickey” I have ANOTHER web blog for knitting!  I think Im going to like this on though 😉 Is it bad to abandon scorned and forgotten blogs??? OH WELL! So, Im currently knitting about 10 things 😀 So, I’m hoping this NEW blog of mine will encourage me to finish my prodjects.. I also have some TOP  SECRET  knitting assignments around town 😉  *wink!* for my buddies who already know  and If you dont know, just ask me! LOL, hey Mickey, Chanel Chan is doing her math homework in her PJ bottoms and bra. LOL….. OH… My bad its a “SPORTS BRA” she says…. still…lolies 😀 Horray for me!!! New blog!!!